Show & Tell – Jamie & the Neurones

Last week Jamie’s show & tell theme was All about me and my 5 senses. So Jamie donned a white “coat” and his safety goggles and gloves and went to school as Jamie & the Neurones for his show & tell.

photo 1[1] photo 2[1]


The little scientist took some fun stuff (& not so fun smelly stuff) to show his friends.

Sprinkles to taste (YUM YUM)

photo 5






Uncooked Pasta to hear when the Tupperware is shakenphoto 4


Green cooked rice (you just add a colouring into the water while you cook the rice) to see the different colour rice and to feel that it was slimy.

photo 1


And the BEST for last. Cooked eggs to smell. And as you can tell they were rather smelly hence why I didn’t get a shot with the lid off. (I did apologies to the teachers before they even did show & tell)

photo 2


The kids loved it…….


Preggy Diary – Week 24 – 27



Life has just been crazy busy and I’ve neglected this blog like a child does with a puppy that’s been around a while.

I LOVE blogging but just don’t have that much free time now so I will blog when I get a free sec. With doing some clean outs at home I finally found the missing weeks from JAMIE’S pregnancy (yes that was nearly 4 years ago). So here it is, always fun to read and remember these special times.Preggy Diary 24-27 weeks 001